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How to get the best from a static caravan trader

Unlike other motor vehicles a static caravan cannot be sold in the same way. Generally speaking a static caravan can be considered as a piece of real estate in that static caravans carry the same characteristics such as bedrooms, cookers, bathrooms and plumbed heating or electricity.

In comparison to other caravanning vehicles such as touring caravans a static caravan is designed to be cited in one place, because of this the complexity in selling a static caravan is greatly increased.

Ordinarily a vehicle or touring caravan can be sold either through the Internet or a local publishing. Often this can yield great results for the seller, however static caravans require additional expert consultation because of the intricacies involved.

Static caravan sellers can obtain the help they require to sell their static caravan through specialised static caravan dealers or specialised static caravan buyers.

Static caravan dealers can offer a unique service where they can evaluate the value of your static caravan free of charge and offer the best price possible judging on the location and condition of a static caravan.

Often static caravan dealers can arrange the transportation of a static caravan and compile the paperwork involved in releasing the real estate from it cited location. Although many caravan parks will allow the removal of a sighted caravan from its premises, some may levy a charge. Static caravan dealers can help to negotiate on your behalf to offset any removal charges and offer a quick and easy solution to the sale and transportation of your static.

Often static caravan traders will offer a cash settlement on the same day an evaluation is provided, many evaluations are provided on the location of the static caravan and its condition. It is within the seller's best interests to ensure that the sited caravan has been well maintained and looked after.

Service providers such as static caravans wanted can offer such a service and will provide free evaluations, transportation, paperwork, and a cash settlement for any static caravan.